About Us

The Peri holiday farm, owned by the family for nearly one hundred years, is spread out over about eighty hectares in the municipality of Quattro Castella, with another section in the hills of Montecavalo, a fraction of Quattro Castella.

It is planted with vineyards, for the cultivation of typical local grape varieties: Lambrusco, Grasparossa, Lambrusco Marani, Lambrusco Maestri, Marzemino, Malbo Gentile, Croatina and aromatic Malvasia, all cultivated using the espalier method and pruned in Sylvoz and Casarsa. The grapes are delivered to the social winery of Puianello, with a small portion kept for making into wine at the holiday farm.

The remaining land is cultivated with fodder and wheat. The fodder is made into hay and delivered to a social stable cooperative, where around nine hundred animals are raised, including cows, heifers and calves. The milk is instead delivered to the Centro Ghiardo social dairy, one of the largest and most modern in the Parma-Reggio area.
The farm also has three photovoltaic systems: one on the ground covering about one hectare of land and two rooftop systems. The Vigna dei Peri holiday farm guest quarters are located in the farm’s largest building, looking out onto Matilda's four hills. Guests may enjoy walks around the farm and hikes in the nearby hills, rich in history.